Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aidan is One: A Pictorial Story II

I love weekends. Particularly those with events where I can socialise either with family or friends. Just like this weekend.

Aidan is One 11

You are warned though. The post is loaded with photos. A lot of them.

Aidan is One 12

Aidan is One 13

Aidan is One 14

Aidan is One 15

Aidan is One 16

Aidan is One 25

Aidan is One 17

Aidan is One 18

Aidan is One 19

Aidan is One 20

Aidan is One 21

Aidan is One 22

Aidan is One 23

Aidan is One 24


Those who were not there were sorely missed.

Thank you, Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel, for the nice photo templates.

New Blog Post in Progress

New Blog Post in Progress.

Kamal, who has been extremely busy with work that he rarely logged into any social networks lately, all of a sudden commented , "you have not written a new blog post for quite a while."


I have been too occupied with, of course, datelines, and: 

❤ a renewed love for Instagram;
❤ a three-year-old who vomited massively for the first time;
❤ a lot to clean after the massive vomit;
❤ a number of dates with Kamal and Khalish; and
❤ just being a wife, a mommy, and a happy-self.

Have an extraordinary weekend, o extraordinary people!

When this post appeared on Chech: Eccentric, 
I realised that I have used a photo of Khalish with a crayon and a paper in the previous post, too. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hocus Pocus Focus is the mantra of the month.

All of a sudden, I am occupied with assignments and presentations. Of course, there is also Khalish. 
The reason I could not continue 'Aidan is One: A Pictorial Story'. Soon! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aidan is One: A Pictorial Story

Aidan is One 1

Aidan is One 2

Aidan is One 3

Aidan is One 4

Aidan is One 5

Aidan is One 6

Aidan is One 7

Aidan is One 10

Aidan is One 8

Aidan is One 9

Photo templates: Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fly, high.
Western Australia,

I pray the day will come,

And when it does,
I pray they will  
let me be,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Khalish vs The Rest of The World

Fever vs Appetite

The weekend was dedicated to Khalish. No assignment, no house chore. Only Khalish and his royal happiness. I thought, "I have Monday all to myself until the 6:00 p.m. class."

Today, at 6:00 a.m., I woke up and kissed Kamal and Khalish first before attending to my responsibilities. Only to find the latter's body temperature high. There went the intention to complete the assignment due tomorrow.

Strange how calm I was despite the sudden change of schedule. After a visit to the paediatric clinic, Khalish requested for his favourite PappaRich Wholemeal Toast and Chocolate Dream. There, as I sat across him throughout lunch hour, I found the source of my calmness. His presence and his constant, "I love you, Mommy"

Followed by countless kisses. Not to forget, his hilarious nonchalance towards the fever and the tonsillitis. I love you, too, Khalish. 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Nek Su dan Cucu-cucunya

I am a grandmother, and Kamal is a grandfather. To our nieces and nephews' children! 

Last Saturday, we were in Subang for the youngest grandchild's Majlis Aqiqah. Welcome to the family, Qaisara. Congratulations, Asrul and Fadhilah, for the arrival of your second princess.

Qaisara and Humaira
Sama tapi tidak serupa.
Left: Qaisara.
Right: Qaisara's elder sister, Humaira, when she was a baby.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


I am unwell. I long to use the treadmill, but, "no vigorous exercise for two days", the doctor advised. Consequently and naturally, my naughty hormones led my mind to a comfort zone. Japanese food!

Kamal and I had our first date at Nippon Tei, Suria KLCC, six years ago. Sadly, we never had the opportunity to experience other Japanese restaurants since then because he was not fond of Sushi King and I was not fond of Japanese buffet. Until we moved to Bandar Baru Bangi.

There Restoran Miyagi was, its old Japanese facade seemed too serene amidst the hype of two private hospitals. Once inside, we immediately thought of Oshin. Yes, more of old Japanese charms, which we loved. We purposely took our time to savour the food. Not just because the food was delicious, but also for the thrill of being trapped in time with no sense of urgency. Even Khalish did not mind the extra hours spent at the place.

The photos featured here were from my solo visit once upon a hectic day during which I needed a good personal time. I am fond of udon and sushi combo. Now you know why it often took us hours to finish a dinner. If Kamal were there, he would order the sashimi set. Kamal, may I have another date at Miyagi soon?

Miyagi I

Miyagi II

Miyagi III

Miyagi IV

I have blogged from MacBook Pro for three years. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for yet another genius invention. Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Khalish and Baju Melayu

He Himself in Baju Melayu, Again.

The illustrations on Khalish's doodle board often featured:

All types of trucks, drawn by the mommy, as requested by the son.

All types of conceptual trucks, drawn by the daddy, as requested by the son when mommy's hands were full with house chores.

Khalish in baju Melayu and its accessories, drawn by himself, inspired by his love for the apparel.

The photo above featured him in baju Melayu, complete with samping and songkok, yes. He told me that he was on the way to Ayah Zi and Ummi's house in Bunut Satut. I should learn to sew baju Melayu because he has requested to wear baju Melayu to school, to Rembau, to sleep, to everywhere.