Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Momma in pyjama.
Old Instagram photo: me in my favourite loungewear.

Day one at home after eight days in Negeri Sembilan, with five days spent in a hospital. When my platelet count was way below normal level, I had no appetite for food and gadgets. Surprise, surprise. The appetite for both items has steadily increased to normal level now, but, my energy is still alarmingly low.

So, no blog post on the dengue fever, an unforgettable experience. I am here only to say that I am back at home with Kamal and Khalish. Thank you for your well wishes.  

Monday, January 16, 2012


Beautiful Day.
One fine bright day. Bandar Baru Bangi.

Beautiful Monday:

+ Khalish loves the new school, as well as the new teacher. 
+ I got to spend quality time with him after school, thanks to semester holiday.
+ UniFi installed, eventually.

More on every thing later, as I am still in the middle of spring cleaning.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Night, Night

Night, Night I.

The whole household is excited about Monday!

Night, Night II.

Old photos: Khalish at bedtime.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Rapunzel. By Khalish.

Khalish watches Walt Disney Pictures' version of Rapunzel, Tangled, every day. 
One day, he drew an abstract figure on the doodle board.

"Tell us about your doodle, Khalish" Kamal and I encouraged him.
"This, is Rapunzel!" Khalish answered with gusto!


Friday, January 13, 2012


The shoes that I chose because Khalish loved buttons.
Instagram: Aishah MAK

I long to go there and there, with them.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Teluk Chempedak,  Kuantan, Pahang.
November 2011.
As posted on my Facebook:

"With each sunrise, we start anew." 
- Anonymous

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Read Chech Read, Type Chech Type

Early 2.

Gambar lama, cerita sama. 
One day left before the first semester ends.

Early 1.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Curious Case of Vegetable Soup


Three items top the list of toys I love to play with Khalish:

1. Doodle board.
2. Lego.
3. Play-Doh.

Nonetheless, during examination and assignment weeks, Khalish needs to play on his own. Yes, the examination and assignment weeks have not ended yet. Thus the present tense. 

Last weekend, he chose to play with Play-Doh, and, I wished Kamal was there to be the boy's playmate. Unfortunately, he had an urgent task to complete, too. Play-Doh without adults' supervision could be Mess-Doh. We tried to steer Khalish away to other toys. To no avail. We set a rule for him to play the doh on his desk only. To no avail. We let him be.

Once in a while, he came to our work station to show us a pot full of 'vegetable soup'. From the look of the so-called soup, we knew the magnitude of the mess. We did not dare to look at the floor. Focus, focus, focus on the tasks and assignments, we told ourselves after words of encouragement for Khalish to continue cooking a storm. A storm it was.

Came bedtime, Kamal gave Khalish another bath. I were to put the house in order again because I have always loved the sight of a neat house in the morning. That night, I regretted my insistence to finish my assignments instead of playing with Khalish. 

The boy decided to feed the whole house with his vegetables soup, burgers, and lasagnas! Tiny shapes that only little hands could mould were on the tables, the chairs, the sofas, the floor, and the carpets. Not to mention the crumbles. I salvaged what I could, snowballing the biggest doh piece to other pieces of similar colour. I repeated that for the remaining nine colours. There was also a big piece of multicoloured doh that resulted from a meticulous effort to gather all the minute crumbles. 

I left the vacuuming task for the next day. Kamal applauded my labour, but, he did not know about the trauma I suffered from. Heh.

The Play-Doh set is now in a cabinet far, far away, out of Khalish's sight. Khalish did ask for it, but, I asked him the same question over and over again, "where did you last put it?" and, each time, he answered, "Khalish tak ingat." Funny.

Sorry, son. We will play Play-Doh together again once all the assignments have been submitted. I do miss your vegetable soup.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Flow Yo

Relax I.

One warm evening, Kamal suggested Tutti Frutti, and I, being a frozen yogurt big fan since my father brought a little me to Subang for one, offered to drive the three of us there. Khalish has not been a fan of any frozen desserts so far, but, he loved to be out and about with daddy and mommy, even if it was just a trip to the nearby Petronas station. So, there we were at Seri Bangi shop lot. 

We were there for Tutti Frutti, yes, but, there were buts. Kamal ended up at an optical shop for half an hour to replace a pair of broken spectacles, Khalish only had a scoop of the frozen yogurt before deciding that Elmo Loves ABCs on iPad was more fun, and I went loco with an old yet rarely used lens. The yogurt was not frozen when we returned to the cups. Which Kamal and I still loved. The reason we finished Khalish's portion, too. Ah, what an unstructured, relaxing day.

Relax II.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Senja di Bangi

Senja di Bangi.
Instagram: Aishah MAK

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Comedy

His Funny Side.

Khalish is three years and five months old now. To keep track of all his developments for the past five months is impossible, unless I won a scholarship to do a research on that particular topic alone. Therefore, I choose to write only about his funny side, according to Kamal and yours truly:
  • Khalish does fight sleep at night, but, he is able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere during the day. Often, we found him asleep in the middle of play sessions. He did so even in the midst of a spirited conversation.
  • About contradiction. He is a true boy, as defined by the universal standard: aggressive, with preference for toys and games that involve vehicles and robots, among others. Nonetheless, he also has a soft spot for Tangled. Yes, Walt Disney Pictures' version of Rapunzel. As well as pink, that has resulted in a number of pink clothes and toys, which have been stereotyped as girls' materials. Fortunately for Khalish, Kamal and I do not stereotype. We just found the contradiction hilarious.
  • He acts like the whole house is his stage. Most of the scripts are originated from a favourite escalator skit. And, of course, Tangled.
  • He loves to dance, too. To all tunes. A current favourite: Power Rangers theme song. An all-time favourite: Angelina Ballerina. In fact, the usually reserved boy may act and dance at a public area if he feels the urge to. 
  • Our mother tongue, bahasa Melayu, comes easily for Khalish, but, not without mispronunciations. He used to replace the first e in a word, with i. Examples:  tepi became tipi, besar became bisar, and senyum became sinyum. It is so hilarious to Kamal and I that we still secretly talk in such mispronunciations to amuse each other although our son no longer speaks that way. Oh, even the grandparents do that.
  • Fellow males are his friends, always. Not the same formula with the females though. Other than me and my mother, he only prefers certain teachers, with one mentioned several times in his sleep, close friends back in school, and my Seri Puteri chum, Kamilla. 
  • If he finds Kamal and I seated in front of our computers, he will sit between us to start a conversation. Seconds later, he will find his way to our laps. Head on Kamal's and legs on mine. Minutes later, our computers will be his.
  • The boy associates Kamal and I to different iPad apps. With Kamal, he plays Snoopy's Fair, angryBots, Plants vs Zombies, and GT HD. With me, he reads various story books, sketches on iChalk, and plays Burger Bustle. It is definitely a fun association.
  • We play nonsense games, too. Kamal created Jangan Senyum and I invented Eh, Ingatkan Gunting. He absolutely loves them that he himself incorporates additional nonsense rules to those games.  
The Khalish Show.
Photos: My Instagram.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ayoh & Mok

New Buddies.

Ayoh and Mok were in Melaka during the weekend for more of special traditional massages in Serkam, which was introduced by my sister-in-law two months ago. Happy about them being only one and a half hours drive from Bandar Baru Bangi, Kamal, Khalish, and I left other responsibilities at home to spend three days and two nights in Duyong. My sister-in-law's house was full of hype throughout Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. There were continuous feasts, too. In particular, on Sunday. Almost all of my parents-in-law's children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were there then. 

Thank you to my sister-in-law's family for their hospitality. Thank you to the rest of The Ketereh Clan for their presence, physically and in spirit. Thank you to Ayoh and Mok for the visit. We know you actually missed all of us. May we meet again.

A highlight: Khalish, who has always preferred to be with the boys and men in the house, suddenly sat beside Mok to play a game on iPad together, with only two hours left before we headed for home. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Ladies, Again

A Date with The Ladies, Again!

The alma mater chums had another date again two days before Christmas. This time around, the Klang Valley chapter welcomed one more chum from Johor Bahru, Dud. She brought along her adorable daughter, Ayra. Hello the two of you!

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 1

Hello to Tiqa, Di, and Zura, too. Not to forget, Zura's daughter, Ellery. I decided not to bring Khalish along because I wanted a personal time. For the first time in ages, I managed to have a conversation with the ladies. Which I truly needed actually.

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 2

Without Khalish around, I photographed the other children there. Ellery was used to my camera, but, Ayra kept her eyes on me most of the time. Ayra, meet Aunty Mamarazzo.

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 3

We talked and laughed. We even thought that the combo of discussion and laughter should be shared with a friend who was miles away. Oh, we missed the others who could not make it that day indeed. FaceTime or Skype next time. 

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 4

Meanwhile, I could not help from photographing people and objects around me. Have I told you that I found a renewed love for my old fixed 50 mm lens? The lens may produce a beautiful bokeh, but, the primary reasons for the renewed love are its size and weight. It being fixed also means that I may expand my creativity when it comes to framing options.

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 5

Back to the date. After Dud and Ayra had proceeded to their next destination, the others shopped around The Curve. When Zura and Ellery went home, Di, Tiqa, and I strolled outdoor, enjoying the flea market, the breeze, and the Christmas decorations.

A Date with The Ladies, Again! 6

The three of us bumped into Dynas at her outlet, Dynas Nursing Attire. Fabulous choices there. Amiable service by the owner, as well. We could not help from having a photo with an artist and a model as friendly as her. 

Tiqa returned home at six. Di and I closed the day with a sumptuous dinner, all the while serenaded by evergreen songs sung live. We concluded that the chums should have a holiday together. Hopefully, in 2012.

Monday, January 02, 2012

A Day with The Ladies

A Day with The Ladies.
Yani and Lina, the visitors.
Yani brought along Zhareef, the latest addition to our circle.
The post is about the start of my December 2011 social calendar. Firstly, lunch with the alma mater chums and their respective juniors. All thanks to Yani's visit from Kuala Terengganu, which initiated Lina's visit from Johor Bahru. The lunch was followed by dinner with the high school chums. Again, all thanks to another chum's visit. It was the first time I met Lat since she moved to Ipoh. 

Khalish threw the worst tantrum then, yes, but, I also vividly remember the happy hours. These ladies surely have the best youth serum, namely, laughter. Of course, we did discuss serious topics, but, somewhere, somehow, there would be hearty laughter at someone's witticism. Then, there were the empathy and advice only close chums could offer. 

Oh, may we have more of such dates in 2012.

A Day with The Ladies 1.
Di and Ellery's new friend.
Lina and I.

A Day with The Ladies 2.
Tiqa and Inas.
Zura and Ellery.

A Day with The Ladies 3.
Tea time with Khalish also involved a pink box of Lego blocks, which he himself chose, and many requests for photos. He was happiest to have the mommy all to himself.

A Day with The Ladies 4.
My dinner dates!
Say hi to Elis, Nana, and Kamilla, who shot most of the photos with my camera as I played Lego with Khalish.

A Day with The Ladies 5.
Lat and her pregnancy charm.
Yani and her engagement charm.

A Day with The Ladies 6.
Foreign exchange trade.

A Day with The Ladies 8.
Yours truly, occupied with Lego blocks.
Khalish, right before he fell asleep in my arms. 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

People of 2011

People of 2011.

Kamal and Khalish, my universe.