Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Reason

Khalish and I!

There is a segment in my mind labelled 'Chech: Eccentric'. At the moment, it stores words and photos dear to me. Below the main label is a note: "spread your happiness". To translate the pleasant words and photos into blog posts was a challenge though. 

The reason:
After school hours, instead of being sent by a teacher to the day care center, Khalish has been fetched by yours truly to home sweet home for the past two weeks. Although Kamal and I agreed that the prior arrangement shall be a routine even during university semester holidays, we decided for a break due to flu season. Which I loved. Khalish and I played, read, danced, drew, talked, wrote, sang, and, occasionally, debated. Often, the debate topics revolved around sleep time. I also introduced him to Harry Potter, and now, the three of us are close chums. So close, Khalish actually called Harry Potter by a new name, "Harry Copter". Oh, by the time my son entered dreamland, I was either sleepy myself, or too amused by the sight of an eventually calm Khalish. Instagram it was, followed by an embrace. 

As the photos multiplied, the words naturally did, too. Today, that segment in my mind labelled 'Chech: Eccentric' is full to the brim. Below "spread your happiness" is another note: "pronto"! 

Therefore, here am I. As much as I love each minute with Khalish. As much as I love the instant documentation of those moments via Instagram.

The latest of Khalish's antics at sleep time:

Olympian. Not.

A mere three minutes before I found him soundly asleep, he announced himself as a gymnast at The Olympics, with acrobatic stunts performed on that very trampoline!

How could I not be amused?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Wonderful!

Morning 1 Morning 2

Photos: My Instagram

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Goof

Us 4

The first photo I took with my DSLR camera featured Khalish as the main subject. Since then, I learned, through a lot of practice, the most fun ways to photograph my son: candidly. I also read that children are photographed best in such manner. At least, it was true in my son's case.

Oh, he loathed it when I requested him to pose. Until one day. He found a trick to react towards any of my requests to look at my lens. Oblige he did, yes, but, in a way that might irritate me. Might. He did not have any idea how hilarious his way was actually.

Us 2

Us 3

Us 1

Us 5

Each camera click was responded by the little boy with a different look. No, he did not watch America's Next Top Model. He just liked to tease the mamarazzo. 
Us 6
The Goof & The Mamarazzo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Seventh Year, Instagrammed

Anniversary 15 Anniversary 23 Anniversary 17 Anniversary 16 Anniversary 21 Anniversary 22 Anniversary 20 Anniversary 18 Anniversary 24 Anniversary 25

The Seventh Year

Anniversary 14

June 18 is always special for Kamal and I. On that date this year, we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Our wish for the anniversary was 'togetherness'.

Still occupied with work, Kamal proposed a cosy celebration adjacent to both home and office. The Gardens Hotel and Residences, Mid Valley City it was. For the first time in months, Kamal was with Khalish and I throughout the weekend, instead of being with office colleagues, although he did prepare himself in case of work emergency. The three of us truly treasured each other's presence. 

Anniversary 1

June 15, Friday. Kamal, Khalish, and I lounged by the pool immediately after lunch, followed by a sumptuous dinner at a favoured restaurant. By the time we reached room 2121 again, our bodies, minds, and souls had mastered the art of leisure. 

Anniversary 3

Anniversary 4

We chose to be in our own worlds, but, every one of us did so with the awareness that the others were close. Kamal indulged in international news, Khalish kept himself entertained with papers and crayons, and I sipped green tea in between camera clicks. At midnight, we found ourselves cuddled up in the bed. Kamal and I only moved Khalish to the cot the moment he was deep in sleep. 

Anniversary 2

Anniversary 5

The cosy celebration continued the next day. Khalish requested to spend the rest of Saturday in the comfort of the room, which Kamal desired as well. I preferred to be out and about because The Gardens Mall was merely 12 storeys away. Nevertheless, photographs first.

Anniversary 6

Anniversary 7

Khalish actually stayed in pyjamas until noon. When I took the boy's top off before the eventual bath time, its white sleeves were smeared with colours. A proof of his dedication to art. Ha. The plain note book was full of the new experiences for the past two days, in doodle forms.  
Anniversary 9

Anniversary 8

I only left the room after Zuhur, no thanks to Khalish and Kamal's relax mode. Heh. I managed to influence Kamal and Khalish to tag along though, despite their initial wish to dine in the room. Post lunch, they happily made their way back to the hotel while I happily walked around the mall. 

Anniversary 10

Anniversary 12

Everybody did not want to be awake came Sunday. Khalish even had breakfast in cot. Thank you, son, for the time you let daddy and mommy converse in peace. The perfect anniversary gift from you. 

Anniversary 13

Of course, the most perfect anniversary gift for Kamal and I was seeing Khalish's appreciation for the togetherness. Our prior wish was granted, Alhamdulillah. To Kamal, Happy Anniversary again. I love you, and I love the abundance of love you have for our family. 

Anniversary 11

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Just Write to State I Miss You

Oh, I missed blogosphere.

I was away from Chech: Eccentric for a number of reasons, and, one of them was my younger brother's engagement. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony at his fiancée's place went smoothly. Khalish and I loved being in Terengganu with my parents and my younger brothers. We did miss Kamal though. Yes, he needed to work during the weekend again. 

Being back, I looked forward to post more here, but, I have been down with flu since yesterday. Hopefully, the flu will subside by tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, treasure today ;) 

Khalish, Back.
The journey back to Bangi was full of wishes. I wished I could stay longer in Terengganu.
Khalish obviously wished he could have all the candies in the jar.
(Thank you, future sister-in-law, for the nice engagement gifts).

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monday, July 09, 2012

A Change

Kamal & Khalish
Photo: My Instagram

Last Saturday, on the way back from The Curve, I expressed my thought to Kamal. "Now, a simple meal time with you around seemed more special." Kamal joked, "were the previous meal times not special enough?"

Oh, he knew what I exactly meant. He has been exceedingly busy with work for the past six months that we rarely saw each other. No, I do not consider the embrace in the wee hours as our time together. Such was a major contrast to the leisurely weekday evenings we once shared. Even our otherwise detailed tête-à-tête has become more and more concise. 

Alhamdulillah though. We have learned to truly live for the moment no matter how little time the three of us had together. Then, there was the re-interpretation of such togetherness, from routine to extraordinary.  

Friday, July 06, 2012


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Us: Pangkor Island ∙ Instagrammed ∙

Us: Pulau Pangkor 51 Us: Pulau Pangkor 45
Us: Pulau Pangkor 46 Us: Pulau Pangkor  47
Us: Pulau Pangkor  49 Us: Pulau Pangkor 48
Us: Pulau Pangkor 54 Us: Pulau Pangkor 53
Us: Pulau Pangkor 52 Us: Pulau Pangkor 50

Teluk Belanga

Us: Pulau Pangkor 41

One of the final two posts on Pangkor Island, to commemorate a month since that holiday.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Apart from the charm of chums, the escapade to Pangkor Island Beach Resort was also memorable because of the beautiful nature.

Us: Pulau Pangkor 38

Us: Pulau Pangkor 43

Us: Pulau Pangkor 40

Us: Pulau Pangkor 44

Us: Pulau Pangkor 39