Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Sand, The Sea, The Soul

Pantai Merang 1

The beach. I long to lounge on one, the way my parents, two brothers, Khalish, and I did last July. Kamal's absence was missed, but, seeing the son's composure offered me a sense of wholeness.

Pantai Merang 2

Pantai Merang 3

Pantai Merang 4

Pantai Merang 5   Pantai Merang 6

Pantai Merang 12

Pantai Merang 7

Pantai Merang 8

Thank you, Ayah. Thank you, Mak. The stay at Pantai Merang was a perfect birthday gift for Khalish and I. There, we embraced the presence of people with our affection, we connected to those who were away with our remembrance, and we found a part of our-true-selves through all of them. 

Pantai Merang 9

Pantai Merang 10

Pantai Merang 11

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Khalish: Eccentric

Helmi & Ain 9

Khalish oh Khalish. Too shy to enter a house full of strangers once upon an engagement ceremony. Which was understandable. Yet, never too shy to take off the socks, put them on the hands, and pretend to be a gardener throughout the afternoon. Which was a curiosity. 


Helmi & Ain 1

So I heard about a 2013 wedding. The fifth in Chez Chembong. Congratulations, Helmi and Ain.

Prior to the news was an engagement. A simple and sweet ceremony at Ain's place, last July 14. Khalish and I were delighted to be there then, along with my parents and two younger brothers. Too bad the others could not make it to Terengganu due to work commitments. 

Helmi & Ain 2

Helmi & Ain 3

According to Malay custom, my mother was the one responsible to put the engagement ring on the bride-to-be's finger. She absolutely radiated happiness to receive another daughter-in-law soon. As radiant was the bride-to-be.

Helmi & Ain 4

Helmi & Ain 6

Hope you love being in The Chembong Clan, Ain. The cordial and colourful clan. The curious case, too, at times. Heh.

Helmi & Ain 8

Helmi & Ain 7

Monday, October 01, 2012

Chez Chembong

The Chembong Clan 1
The Grandparents and Their Nine Grandchildren: An Attempt at Portrait
As Instagrammed by yours truly.

The arrival of October 1 means the Muslims are less than four weeks away from Aidiladha. Another celebration, another chance to gather with loved ones. Which I look forward to. How I miss being with my siblings, the sisters-in-law, the nieces, and the nephews. Here are photos of them, on Syawal 8, 1433H, at my parents' place:

  The Chembong Clan 2  The Chembong Clan 3 

Introducing the latest members of The Chembong Clan: Harraz and Arif. The former, pictured with his mother, is the exact copy of my eldest brother. The latter also mirrors his father, my younger brother. 

The Chembong Clan 4

The Chembong Clan 5

The eldest of the children is the eight-year old Anis. Her father, my elder brother, always says that she is like me. Not physically, obviously. We simply happen to have similar interests. High five, Anis. Oh, yes, she loves to initiate photography session with everybody, as well. 

The Chembong Clan 6

The Chembong Clan 7

Of course, the clan is known for the dominance of boys. Among nine children, only two are girls. Can you imagine the chaos when the boys are under one roof? That particular weekend, all I managed to photograph of my son was a blur. No, the boy in green t-shirt with white collar is not Khalish. He is Anis' youngest brother, Arman, the same age as his twin. Yes, Khalish and Arman, the twins from different parents, share the same features.

The Chembong Clan 8

The Chembong Clan 9

To Harraz, Elis, and Arif, please remain in your babyhood a little longer. The adults treasure the peace that all of you exude. Particularly after the pandemonium caused by your respective siblings.

Finally, my siblings, with me represented by Kamal: 

The Chembong Clan 10