Friday, October 11, 2013


Tasik Chini 2 Tasik Chini 1

First and foremost, Kamal and I would love to thank a father figure for the major move from Tanah Merah, Kelantan, to Chini, Pahang, years ago. Hijrah, he said, has enabled him to realise new potentials. Spiritually and physically. Like many, we believe in the symbiosis between both aspects. 

Despite work commitments that ended late last Saturday, Kamal and I were determined to bring Khalish to Chini. The three of us might have missed the congregational prayers and the zikr session, but we were grateful enough to be a part of the open discussion on the relation between spirituality and physicality. Behold, the father figure further said. On Sunday, we postponed other commitments for a number of hours to embrace the father figure's words.

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The stay at Lake Chini Resort was the second time for Kamal and I. The first time for Khalish. My parents-in-law were the ones who introduced the place to us. Then, the chalets lacked characters and the lake was simply lusterless. Nevertheless, the stay was memorable, thanks to the presence of the loved ones. With the abundance of such presence, eventually, the whole place has been revived. Last weekend, Khalish walked to the verandah of the new chalet, faced the lake, and announced to the world, "it is beautiful!"

Still in jubah from the day before, the boy roamed the place. The parents let him be. For that, both of us were rewarded with the son's pure happiness. He chirped with the birds, he thanked the trees for the unique branches and the exquisite leaves, he shared his breakfast with the fish, and he encouraged us to share our breakfasts with the fish as well.

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Oh, Khalish was indeed Indiana Jones. So he proclaimed. Kamal and I indulged in our child's imaginations. Primarily for him, ultimately for us. Truthfully, we were inspired by the way he beheld the world and connected it to his-inner-self.

When Kamal, Khalish, and I return to Chini again, we will definitely revisit the place. Of course, our number one destination shall be the home to the father figure, where the people's spirits about life energise each other. Behold, be inspired, become.

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