Friday, October 11, 2013

Indiana Khones and the Kingdom of Fun

Tasik Chini 9

Indiana Khones and the Kingdom of Fun began after breakfast by the lake. Still in the jubah, still at Lake Chini Resort. The only changes were the characters.

Khalish, obsessed with Indiana Jones, was frustrated each time Kamal or I called him by his name. "I am not Khalish. I am Indiana Jones." "Indiana Khones?" I teased. "Call me Dr. Jones, Doll" he responsed, manipulating another character's line. That officially made me Willie Scott, leaving Kamal as Short Round. Yes, Khalish has particularly been obsessed with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

One scene amused Kamal and I though. The little Indiana Jones refused to be on the child swing. He insisted that the infant swing was safer. Hey, you were the expert, Dr. Jones. 

Tasik Chini 10

Tasik Chini 11

Tasik Chini 12

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