Friday, April 04, 2014



The first quarter of 2014 was eventful. One by one, I will share the experiences here. Let me begin with my family's recent visit to Kelantan.

March 19, Wednesday. Kamal, whose work often required him to be at the office past midnight, returned home with a suggestion. "Let us be in Kelantan until Monday, shall we?" Over a drink, he shared with me his siblings' concern about their parents' health.Thus the urge to leave work and be with those that mattered more.

The next day, Kamal, Khalish, and I boarded a plane to Kota Bharu. Ayoh and Mok welcomed us with their warmth. It seemed as though nothing had changed. Until Ayoh requested to be driven to the beach. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but innumerable times. Even long after Kamal assured Ayoh that both of them would do so every day as long as the former was there.

Both Kamal and I perfectly understood the situation then. Ayoh has gradually been affected by aging. Consequently, Mok has gradually lost her strength. A crucial time for the children to be with them.

So we stayed in Ketereh until March 24. Our commitments were to ensure that Ayoh had daily dose of excursion and Mok had sufficient rest. Back to work now, Kamal and I pray that we manage to balance our time for the parents, the children, ourselves, the family, and the social communities. To Rembau and Ketereh soon.


  1. Semoga Cikgu Pa dan Cikgu Som diberi kesihatan terbaik. :-)

  2. Amin. Thanks for the doa, Miga. From Camus & I.