Monday, December 08, 2014

Azlan & Faiza: Engagement


Two weeks ago, Azlan & Faiza turned from fiancé and fiancée to husband and wife. Alhamdulillah, the wedding ceremony in Besut, where the bride's family is from, and the one in Rembau, where the groom's family is from, were beautiful. More about the ceremonies later. Now, I would love to share the photos from the engagement ceremony.

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Syawal 2, 1435H, Besut. The engagement ceremony began with an exchange of gifts, followed by a discussion between both sets of parents. After all the important matters have been agreed upon, my mother presented a ring to her future daughter-in-law. Welcome to the clan, Faiza.

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The ceremony ended with a photography session and a feast. Simple yet lovely. The best part of the day was, always, the togetherness.

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I, who was assigned as the photographer, loved the smiles on everybody's faces. Even the otherwise serious groom-to-be smiled all day long. The brightest smile belonged to the bride-to-be though. Oh, she looked resplendent in the kebaya that my mother used to wear for her wedding.

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"Pohon pupur pohon delima,
Tumbuhnya rapat antara batang,
Di seberang sana bertanah lembut;
Sirih dikapur tanda terima,
Hajat beradat kami menatang,
Ini bermakna gayung bersambut."
Abdul Halim Salleh
Setaman Pantun Kenangan


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