Saturday, December 26, 2015



My family of three recently moved from Bandar Baru Bangi to Putrajaya. Just because. We do miss our former neighbours in Seksyen 9. Thankfully, all of us still keep in touch through social media. About the new place, we may not know the neighbours yet, but, we have explored the area. Love it.

To mark this chapter, here are photos of our past excursions around the locality. Seeing the surrounding, we contemplated to move to one of the precincts then. Glad that we eventually did.

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Friday, December 25, 2015



❤︎ Happy Anniversary, Ayah & Mak ❤︎

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Penang: Whims and Fancies II


The last day

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The most leisurely day. More time for buffet breakfast and even more time for a rest in the room. The four of us only checked out of the hotel at noon.

To Georgetown again, albeit only for a little while. Ample for Lisa and Joey to enjoy Ben's Vintage Toy Museum as Kamal, Khalish, and I sauntered around the vicinity. Enough for the littlest among us to create a short film, too. Suffice it to say that the ice cream in his hand was not merely an ice cream.


This city, to us, embraced uniqueness. It has been home to a diversity of souls and it always welcomes more. While exploring, we also noticed that each characteristic of the place was distinctive on its own, yet, it complemented other elements. 


I prayed for another opportunity to be there immediately after I thanked God for the experiences. Street photography with the children, perhaps. Or a coffee session with Kamal and our sketch books. Both, why not.


Before bidding farewell, we stopped by Restoran Kapitan. What a lively atmosphere. The patrons enthusiastically conversed over a spread of food and the staff bustled about with trays of more food in their hands. Intrigued, we tried the signature nan, tandoori, and briyani. All thumbs up. (You guessed it right; no photo of the eatery because all of us were only in the mood for food.)


"Can we just stay here?"

Penang: Us, Bukit Bendera


The rest of day three
(The morning of day three here)
(Day one & two here)

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With no itinerary, Kamal, Lisa, Joey, Khalish, and I simply moved with the tide. From Moonlight Bay, the flow brought us to Bukit Bendera. Oh, the crowd exceeded our expectation. With a dash of patience as well as a little sense of humour here and there, we survived. The refreshing weather also helped. 

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Disangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari. Heh. For lunch, the food and beverage we ordered from David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terraces never reached us. Even after reconfirming our selection.

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Tired from another round of waiting, the naughty side of me regurgitated sarcasms when one of the waitresses obviously ignored us. On a second thought, I should not waste my energy on negativity. What mattered more were the littlest things we experienced there. Exchanging cameras, cherishing the beautiful surrounding, and humouring each other.

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We ended up at the food court. More crowded yet more choices. Later, we walked and walked. There was a point that I handed my camera to either Lisa or Joey again. Love how they photographed their moments with Khalish.

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Love the hues of the sky. Love the greeneries, too. Love that we chose to love.

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A note: 

I vividly remember an old photo of my elder brothers and I at Bukit Bendera. I was around Khalish's age. Garbed in a little green and white dress, with a red visor on my head, I surely appeared odd. Faizul and Bakhtiar were as odd in their matching red and white batik shirts as well as caps with pokok pinang images. 

Despite the eccentricity, we brightly smiled for our parents' camera. Love the innocence. Love such memory.

Penang: Khalish, Moonlight Bay


The morning of day three
(Day two & one here)

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