Friday, January 30, 2015

A Little Note, A Few Photos


Kamal, Joey, Khalish, and I were among the last people to be out of the auditorium, where Q-Dees Annual Concert and Graduation 2014 was held. The weather was gorgeous, the garden was spacious. Perfect for a mini photography session, I thought. Khalish was in a mischievous mode though. An instant "jom" to my "jom bergambar di taman", yet I was the only one to proceed as he stood still and laughed behind me. That moment, Kamal decided to catch up with an old boy from koleq days, whose daughter was Khalish's schoolmate. 

Having helped Khalish to change from concert costume to casual clothes, I tried my luck again to photograph him with Kamal and Joey. To no avail. Until we reached the parking area. Ah, better something than nothing. It was not every day that he and his half brother were together :) (Lisa, Khalish said he wished that you were there, too.) 

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