Friday, June 19, 2015

Art in the Park: Colours of Ethnicity


All work and no play throughout the first week of June made me a dull mommy. The school holiday had just started then, but, instead of fun in the sun, my child had to be confined with me in the little office. Lego, books, Toca Boca, and stationeries were our saviours. 

I eventually crossed the last deadline in the middle of last week. Khalish cheered as loudly as the mommy did. We celebrated by being out and about. There were places to visit and chums to meet. Dinner dates with Kamal, too.

Nevertheless, according to Khalish, the best was a particular event by Galeri Petronas. I seconded it. That Sunday morning, in the beautiful weather, both of us joined a group of art enthusiasts for 'Art in the Park: Colours of Ethnicity'.

DSC_6015 DSC_6020 DSC_6024 DSC_6032 DSC_6027

There, Khalish and I respectively learned to, firstly, assemble the easels, and secondly, draw live subjects. It became more fascinating because the subjects were dressed in Malaysian traditional apparels. Special thanks to the facilitator, Mr. Tang Yeok Khang, and the staff of Galeri Petronas for the experience. 

DSC_6038 DSC_6045 IMG_7746

Such a new experience did overwhelm Khalish. So much so, he shed tears. Therefore, I put my art materials, the complimentary colour pens, down, and hugged him. 

"Mommy, why are there people around my station, observing me?"
"Those people love art as well, just like you and I do."
"Oh, now I can see that they are admiring others' art, too."
"So, shall we enjoy the session now?"
"I am not sure of the techniques though."
"Techniques are only guidelines. You can do it your way."
"Let's start, mommy."

Around me, there were other parents with clueless children. Those parents were also my facilitators. A mother encouraged one of the daughters to materialise her sight on the paper without worry. A father showed his son that the interpretation of the subject varied. 

While drawing, with a more relaxed Khalish beside me, I thanked the Almighty for the peace within after all the chaos. Aside from my son's anxiety, I had to deal with my frustration when my husband suddenly cancelled his participation due to work. 

The positive vibe that commenced from my choice to understand Kamal's situation multiplied when I further chose to embrace Khalish's bad mood instead of pushing it aside. My positivity heightened with the surrounding optimism, starting from my husband himself to the rest of the people in the park. As a bonus, my humble piece of art was awarded 'The Most Potential Work'. Love the prize, Latiff Mohidin's G.A.R.I.S | Dari Titik ke Titik. Again, our deepest gratitude to Mr. Tang Yeok Khang and Galeri Petronas. In the end, Khalish said, "thank you, universe; I am happy!" 

Diya, the mascot of Galeri Petronas.
Created by Emila Yusof.

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