Monday, August 15, 2016

WonderMokchics: Dutamas


Another potluck to celebrate our birthday. Bidding farewell to Syawal as well. Love, love, love that Sunday!

IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2307

Because both Kamal and Wan were occupied with their respective works, I offered to fetch Di from her home. After all, when it came to Rai's place, she was better than Waze. Heh. 

Khalish was there, of course. After the do in Putrajaya, he always requested for a play date. Mommy with her chums, the boy with the children. Only us.

Imagine our excitement upon reaching Dutamas. To be amiably welcomed by the hosts, to meet the WonderMokchics (big) family. In my elation, I forgot my DSLR camera though. Low phone battery meant minimal photos, too. What you see here are a mixture of my photos and the other ladies'. 

IMG_2303 IMG_2305 IMG_2309

Besides serving satay and its condiments, Rai also cooked Laksa Kelantan and Rendang Tok. Not to forget, rice. I ordered pizzas. Di made Daging Dendeng. Tiqa and Inas came with brownies and watermelon. Madir, Mas, and their children, Mirza, Marissa, Muaz, and Maher brought Udang & Kacang Panjang Masak Lemak Cili Api. The spread was delectable!

IMG_2324 IMG_2308 IMG_2325

To complete the scene, Sham put on Aidilfitri songs. Perfectly santai. Except for the occasional chaos caused by the juniors. Hilarious. Side-splitting, gut-busting, and thigh-slapping kind of hilarious, yes.

Still spirited afterward, the WonderMokchics gathered for a photo. As birthday memento. Our wish? For togetherness, always.

Again, thank you for the beautiful day, everybody. Oh, a special note of gratitude to Sham and Rai for the cordiality. Now, when is the next date?

Us, hinting at Mas 😜

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