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Birthday is the unintended theme on C&C: Eccentric this week 😄. I would like to share my favourite moments from July 2016, but, as I browsed through Flickr, I came across memories from 2013 to 2015. Those close to me know how I love to document my life, especially with loved ones, so, enjoy the throwback 😜.


2013. The annual iftar with the WonderWomen became more special to me because Ramadhan 1434H came in July, my birthday month. No expectation. I was simply grateful for the togetherness. 

To my surprise though, those who were there, also on behalf of those who were not, presented me a bouquet of balloons and a beautiful card. Love the details; the photo collage, Khalish's masterpiece as background, and the wish.

Rai, Di, Tiqa, Mas, and I, as well as our respective families, continued to savour the sumptuous buffet afterward. Live traditional music added a festive mood. Us that evening, at Tonka Bean Café:

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Oh, the ladies further surprised me with a piece of cake, topped by 3 and 2 candles. Too bad Kamal needed to leave the place earlier due to Khalish's bedtime. (Fun fact: why buy a cake when there was an array of choices at the dessert station, heh; exactly my chums' choice.)

Our dessert galore ended with a durian picnic, which was also a part of the buffet. Exhilarating. We eventually departed in a state of euphoria, still high from the food, the conversation, and to me particularly, the celebration.

Later, I returned to Kamal and Khalish. The three of us earlier decided to have a mini holiday at Impiana KLCC Hotel itself. Partly for the birthday celebrants, namely the boy and I, and partly due to the man's work.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Definitely a pleasant stay. The whole weekend was a delight indeed. Happy fifth birthday, Khalish. To yours truly, being 32 was tremendously wonderful 💞.


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