Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Ahmad Clan


As the mayor of C&C: Eccentric, I dedicate a week of blog posts to my family. Heh. The Camus Clan last Tuesday, The Ahmad Clan today. 

Here is a collage of photos featuring my parents, the maternal uncles and aunts, the cousins, their respective families, and of course, the trio, Kamal, Khalish, and I. A festival, yes, which began the moment Pak Lang, Mak Lang, Nora, Ejaz, Abang Zainidi, Kak Nina, Fahmi, Hana, and Hariz came to Malaysia from Brunei at the end of Eid. One meal after another, with ceaseless conversation in between. 

Kamal, Khalish, and I first had dinner with The Brunei Chapter, The Seremban Chapter, and The Rembau Chapter one fine Friday in July, at Man Tom Yam, Ampangan. Love the ambiance, love the food. Love the gathering more. I told my cousin and his wife, "seronoknya dapat jumpa walaupun kejap; selalunya, tahu khabar Abang Asri & Kak Misha bila lawat Instagram Farra, Farhan, dan Farees." Too bad The Serdang Chapter, namely Mom, Abang Wan, and Kak Nita, had to leave earlier due to other commitments. Missed them.

The next day, the three of us made our way to Naan Corner, Ampang, to meet The Brunei Chapter once more. There, still hyped from Speech and Drama Class during the day, Khalish showed everybody his jovial side. While waiting for The Brunei Clan, he recited a poem to Tok Long and befriended the second cousins of The Kuala Lumpur Chapter. Thank you, Sofea, Sofiena, Sara, Iris, Marissa, and the Ians for humouring that boy. Meanwhile, Kamal and I chatted with Kak Malis, Kak Liza & Abang Hafez, and Lida & Azmel, whom we have not met for a long while. The last time we did, little Isla had not reached this world yet. We wished the evening would last longer, but we also prayed for another day with them.

Which happened a week later. My cousin, Nora, would love to bring her son, Ejaz, to an indoor playground after a holiday in the north with her parents and my parents. On a Thursday, I tagged the duo along to IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Fun it was. Baskin-Robbins for breakfast (shh, please do not tell our parents ;D), a mall tour (I bonded with Ejaz as Nora shopped), and an hour at Gymboree (workout for the child, relaxing for the adults :D). The rest, including Kamal and Khalish, joined the three of us for lunch at Sakae Sushi.

May there be a time such as those again. For the solidarity. I have never met my maternal grandfather, Ahmad, because he passed away before I was born. Nonetheless, it felt as though I have known him profoundly, thanks to my late grandmother's stories, as well as the characteristics of his children, Madzlan, Aznah, Azhariah, Asmah, and Zaki. Connecting with the clan was the best conclusion to Syawal indeed. To Khalish, the names here are for you to remember :)

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