Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reminiscing Angkor Archaeological Park: Randomness



Because the WonderMokchic's trip to Siem Reap in 2014 reminded me of Khalish's love for Angkor Archaeological Park during my family's visit from the end of 2012 to the start of 2013, I brought a piece of him along. A Lego minifigure. I then photographed it at a temple where Khalish once drew on the ground for half an hour. Priceless memory.



One of my favourite subjects to photograph, always. Apart from symbolising a happy childhood, it also portrayed Cambodians' simple existence. Yes, I was aware of their ordeals, past and present. Yet, they inspired others to live blissfully. To lie in a hammock on a breezy day, to picnic with the rest of the neighbourhood for dinner, to make a swing out of a branch and a rope in the middle of nowhere. To look at the bright side of life.



Tree bark texture, precisely. Some as ancient as the temples. As artistic, too. I ended up with numerous photos of tree bark texture, in assorted forms.



As previously mentioned, Di, Rai, Yani, and I met Kim by chance. Having been with Sadam, the one who drove us from Siem Reap International Airport to Frangipani Villa Hotel II, and his brother-in-law, Hut, who brought us to TonlĂ© Sap, we wished to tour Angkor Archaeological Park with a different local. On the first day, after dinner in the town center, with that particular thought in mind, we scanned the place for a favoured tuk-tuk. We were about to cross a road when one almost hit us. Thankfully, it was slow and the individuals' reflexes were fast. After ensuring that both parties were fine, the five of us began to chat. Remy Ishak Kim spoke English, yay. The tuk-tuk was comfortable, too. His friendliness, a bonus.



While photographing the surrounding, I noticed a little boy in school uniform, intently looking at me. I waved at him. He smiled. Only after I have photographed him that he cycled away, still smiling. An angelic stranger :)

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