Saturday, November 19, 2016



Back to 2015, again. Bongkah was newly opened at Bangi Gateway and Khalish was a toothless seven-year-old, with the extra central incisor still intact. This morning, looking at the photos, Kamal and I laughed at the memories 😀

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Kuantan with WonderMokchics II


A road trip to Kuantan for Tiqa, little Inas, and I one fine Friday. As mentioned here, Di and Mas were supposed to be in the car, too. At the last minute, they took a rain check because of family commitments. Khalish, meanwhile, decided to have a father-and-son time with Kamal during the weekend instead. A party of six reduced by half, but, still as fun. 

Almost four hours after departing from Kuala Lumpur, the three of us reached Cathayana Hotel. Yani and her children arrived from Kuala Terengganu thirty minutes afterward. Inas were ecstatic to meet Nabihah, Irfan, Zharif, and Safiyah. Vice versa. Imagine the adults. We were beyond euphoric, heh.

For dinner, Yani drove everybody to Tiqa's favourite restaurant: the first Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. No photo as I was famished. My last meal, a breakfast smoothie, was maximised throughout the day. Hence a feast at the restaurant. The seafoods were cooked to perfection, especially the salted egg yolk squid. Which energised the three WonderMokchics to talk until two a.m. back at the hotel.

The next day, we proceeded to Emma Nai'la's aqiqah, the main reason we were in Pahang. A great time with the host, Rai. Her husband suggested that the four of us enjoy a dinner by the beach later, but Tiqa, Yani, and I had to return to our respective homes soon.

Our final stop in Kuantan was Kula Cakes, where these photos were taken. The cakes were truly scrumptious. The place, unique. As Tiqa and I bade farewell to Yani, we promised each other to be in Kuantan again, with the rest of the chums.

DSC_9880 DSC_9897 DSC_9885 DSC_9907 DSC_9891 DSC_9893 DSC_9908 DSC_9898 DSC_9887 DSC_9896

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Kuantan with WonderMokchics


September 5, 2015. Tiqa, Yani (who needed sunglasses because of an eye discomfort), and I were in Rai's hometown, Kuantan, for little Nai'la's aqiqah. If not for family commitments, Di and Mas would have been there, too. Next time, Insya-Allah. I prophesy a beach vacation 😉

DSC_9863 DSC_9866 DSC_9864

The hosts, Sham and Rai, also celebrated Aidan's birthday. Meriah. All of us had a great time.

DSC_9869 DSC_9878 DSC_9873

The children and the mommies just let each other be. The latter particularly talked about every single thing under the sun, over an array of food. Afterward, we were joined by Di's mother (who has known Rai's family for years). She came with a tray of Kuih Koleh Kacang for us.

Nai'la is one year old now. Aidan, six. Nevertheless, the memories of being in Kuantan to celebrate them are still fresh. Which I am always grateful for. Thank you again for the hospitality 💕

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Emma Nai'la is One


The album by GambarWajah Photography, posted on Facebook last week, reminds me of Emma Nai'la's beautiful birthday celebration. Delectable food, ceaseless laughter, and fun activities. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was full of festivity that May 28, 2016.

DSC_4306 DSC_4305 DSC_4303 DSC_4304

Oh, the hosts' attention to details mesmerised everybody. I especially loved the colour palette, the use of story books as guest books, the photo booth, the rabbit accessories, and of course, the dessert galore. I even oohed and aahed at the sight of the fonts. (Khalish's favourites were the mosquito repellent patch, the party pack, and the pinata.)

DSC_4310 DSC_4319 DSC_4311

Here are the moments from my camera. Di, Mas, and I represented the WonderMokchics. Madir, Mirza, Marissa, Muaz, Maher, and Khalish multiplied the merriment.

DSC_4320 DSC_4332 DSC_4327 DSC_4330

Post breakfast, all of us enjoyed a walk to the amphitheatre with the Park Ranger. We stopped by Feathered Friends Photo Booth, Bird Gallery, and Flightless Birds Zone along the way. Educational and entertaining.

DSC_4336 DSC_4349 DSC_4341

The activities delighted not only the children, but also the adults. Me included. How Rai, Di, Mas, and I wished the other WonderMokchics and their respective families were physically there. 

DSC_4391 DSC_4354 DSC_4356 DSC_4364

Back at Hornbill Restaurant, the master of ceremony announced the much awaited session: cake cutting. Together we sang Happy Birthday. May you always be blessed with a sweet life, Nai'la. 

DSC_4378 DSC_4369 DSC_4380 DSC_4367

Energised after a hearty lunch, the little ones looked forward to hitting the pinata. The balcony of the eatery was soon flooded with chocolates and candies. Heaven on earth for Khalish and his friends. Bubbles made it more ethereal. "May we celebrate Nai'la's birthday every day?" a certain child said 😄

Dear Nai'la,

"You're off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
So, get on your way!"
-Dr. Seuss

(Sham & Rai, thank you for sharing the joy of your daughter's birthday with us.)


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Under the Weather


Having allergic rhinitis aside, Khalish has rarely been ill. Until last Wednesday. At 4:00 a.m., I heard a desperate call for me, a loud "mommy!" How shocked I was to see that the bed was drenched in vomit. Kamal kept me calm. The parents cleaned the mess while the boy was bathing. No fever, no stomach ache. The three of us slept in the master bedroom an hour later.

At 6:00 a.m., Khalish woke me up. His face in pain. The bed was wet. He had vomited again. Another round of cleaning. Another round of vomiting, too. By the time we reached the clinic, the boy was already weak.

Alhamdulillah, he knew the importance of drinking water. His appetite decreased, but he finished each meal like a champion. He did contract a fever in the afternoon, but it subsided after a dose of medicine, a long sleep, and a continuous use of damp towel. No school until Friday though.

Khalish first had gastroenteritis last May, during which a number of his classmates were also affected. Kamal was away at work then, therefore, I managed the vomiting episodes on my own. Once at an eatery near the clinic, and afterward, inside the car. How I prayed for him to recover soon, for him to know that the illness was a form of blessing. Oh, I learnt from my son's resilience as well.

"Out of suffering has emerged the strongest souls."
- Kahlil Gibran

Photos: Khalish, Relaxing (December 2015)