Thursday, November 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Kuantan with WonderMokchics


September 5, 2015. Tiqa, Yani (who needed sunglasses because of an eye discomfort), and I were in Rai's hometown, Kuantan, for little Nai'la's aqiqah. If not for family commitments, Di and Mas would have been there, too. Next time, Insya-Allah. I prophesy a beach vacation 😉

DSC_9863 DSC_9866 DSC_9864

The hosts, Sham and Rai, also celebrated Aidan's birthday. Meriah. All of us had a great time.

DSC_9869 DSC_9878 DSC_9873

The children and the mommies just let each other be. The latter particularly talked about every single thing under the sun, over an array of food. Afterward, we were joined by Di's mother (who has known Rai's family for years). She came with a tray of Kuih Koleh Kacang for us.

Nai'la is one year old now. Aidan, six. Nevertheless, the memories of being in Kuantan to celebrate them are still fresh. Which I am always grateful for. Thank you again for the hospitality 💕

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