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Reminiscing Siem Reap: Retail Therapy


February 1, 2014 | Siem Reap, day three | Part two

"The need for social interaction is very much a part of why women shop."
- Stella Minahan and Michael Beverland
Why Women Shop: Secrets Revealed

Siem Reap, to Di, Rai, Yani, and I, was more synonymous with historical and cultural aspects than retail industry. Surprise, surprise, the town offered a myriad of goods for everybody. Even those with no intention to shop, like Di and I, ended up with a number of mementos. Undoubtedly, Rai and Yani, the sagacious consumers, found the greatest bargains.

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All of us were especially in love with the handicrafts made by the Khmer artisans. My favourite: silk necklaces. For Khalish, I brought home a magnet featuring a local child's art.

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From the alleys of the town, we moved to Phsar Chas. The Old Market was teeming with various vendors, sectioned according to their products. Curious, the four of us roamed the place before naturally stopping at the fabric area. There happened "the need for social interaction" as the experts shared their knowledge on Cambodian textiles and the travellers negotiated for the best deal.

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We concluded our retail therapy in the evening. The destination: night market. The crowd was adrenalised by the exuberant vibe. Had the four of us not booked a spa session, we surely would stay there until midnight. Just to leisurely walk along the aisles of unique items and blissful people, enjoying the whole atmosphere.


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