Monday, February 06, 2017

Reminiscing Siem Reap: Frangipani Villa Hotel II


Comfortable and affordable, but the latter came with a price 😉. Air Asia Go (a joint venture between Air Asia and Expedia at the time), to me, has been a reliable hotel search engine, but, after two incidents, I now doubt its credibility. Interestingly, both happened in Siem Reap. Overbooking, during peak period!

After the first incident, I was more careful. As the holiday approached, I, on behalf of my chums, directly e-mailed the management of Frangipani Villa Hotel II for re-confirmation of dates and room types. Their assurance was then forwarded to Di, Rai, and Yani.

Upon arrival though, the four of us were informed that only one twin room was available. To compensate for the problem, the hotel manager offered another single room. That, to us, was not a compensation; it was a fraud. The language barrier worsened the situation. Fortunately, Rai was tenacious about securing two twin rooms, as booked and paid. In the end, every single thing was resolved accordingly. No attached rooms as promised though, yet, we were grateful enough to be placed on the same floor.

No drama afterward, Alhamdulillah. In fact, the rest of the stay was pleasant. Cosy ambience, strategic location, and lovely spa.

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